Have your evening meal before you arrive. Try to follow your normal sleep schedule for a few days before the sleep study.

What you need to bring

Please bring comfortable nightwear (pyjamas nightshirts, shorts or nightdresses), dressing gown and slippers. You are welcome to bring your own pillow and something to read. Don't forget your toothbrush and personal toiletries! Please wash your hair before you come. Women should not put cosmetics on the face. Shower facilities are available for the next morning. Please bring your Health Insurance Book.


You need to bring any medication and medical equipment you may require with you. Bring what you normally take in the way of sleeping tablets with you and take them after settling in. If you become drunk and disorderly, the study will be halted but you will still have to pay the full fees.

What happens during the sleep study

A technician will explain to you what the study involves, and will then set up the equipment which monitors your night's sleep. During the night we will be monitoring your breathing, heart rate, brain wave activity, leg movements, and the level of oxygen in your blood. We will apply sensors to your skin in order to make these measurements. This is not painful and not invasive. You can go to the toilet if you need to - after the technician unhooks some wires .

Follow up

Results of your sleep study will then be sent to your doctor who will discuss them with you at your next appointment. Please allow 7 days for the result to reach your doctor. If you have any queries prior to your sleep study please do not hesitate to call us on 3397 3036.

Where you come to the lab to commence CPAP, having previously had a diagnostic sleep study, we will give you instructions as you leave with our suggestions about type of mask, humidifier and pressure settings. We will also give you a list of suppliers of this equipment. If we are re-checking the settings of your existing CPAP gear then please bring the machine and mask with you.